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Empathische Verhaltensweisen im E-Commerce
Discover the brytes Digital Empathy Engine.

Discover the empathetic way of 
online personalization.

This is how we support your insecure users!

Insecure users especially require simple and transparent orientation.

brytes supports users by removing overwhelming information and displaying essential orientation features.


Our algorithm continuously identifies psychographic characteristics of your users in real time.

This allows us to recognize the decisions your users are facing and provide them with the appropriate psychological support.

With targeted impulses, we help your users to a better user experience and satisfying purchases.

Our adaptable JavaScript tool can be easily integrated into the code of your e-commerce shop or website.

Highly potent tracking captures more than 200 measurement points and micro-behaviors of all users.


​Thus, we make the digital body language of every single user analyzable. And all of this is fully DSGVO-compliant.

KPI Optimierung im E-commerce




The impact of our brytes technology.

User Experience and Satisfaction

The brytes Digital Empathy Engine allows your customers to make decisions more easily and to be more satisfied with their choice.

Conversion Rate and Average Order Value

Depending on the psychographic characteristics of your users, we improve key KPIs such as AOV, CR and bounce rate for individual target groups.


With our empathic personalization, only users who need an exclusive promotion for their purchase decision will receive one.


This is what we provide to you as a marketer.

Echtzeit-Analyse digitale Körpersprache

Genuine end-to-end personalization

Time saving through technology

Our algorithm takes the effort out of defining scenarios and rules by automatically identifying all  relevant moments.

Automation & Transparency
Our empathetic impulses are automatically generated and you remain in control with our comprehensive message set.

digital body language im E-commerce

Empathic personalization system

Benefits through psychology
The psychography of the user is the basis of our technology is universally valid and eliminates the need for time-consuming formulation of hypotheses.

Empathic customer perspective Based on the digital body language, our engine recognizes the psychological behavior patterns of each user.

Simple integration -
without technical effort!



Embedding the prepared brytes JavaScript snippets into the source code of your website

Live and real-time analysis using the Digital Empathy Engine

Digital Empathy mithilfe Echtzeit-Analyse
digital empathy engine im E-commerce


Complete overview using the brytes Enlight Dashboard and complete control over personalization actions using the Control Panel

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