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brytes digital empathy engine.

The Shopware App for greater empathy in your store

Empathy for
your webshop

We are all different. Some of us are rather insecure and contemplate decisions for a long time, others are determined and decisive. That's why each of us needs advice that is tailored to our individual and specific needs.

In stationary retail, sales assistants support us by responding to our needs with empathy and a trained eye, thus supporting us in our process of decision-making. However, this individual advice is largely forgotten in the digital space, so a counterpart is needed: empathic online personalization!


By using nudges in a targeted way, brytes optimizes the user experience for your users and turns first-time shoppers into happy returning customers.


Conversion Rate 


Average Order Value 


Exit Rate

The highlights of your brytes app for Shopware

Enable your users to have a personalized experience and transform them into happy, returning users



Using behavioral economics for understanding your users' intentions and empathically responding to them


Improve the relevant KPIs (conversion rate, average shopping cart value, etc.) of your store

Examples of brytes nudges

Exit Intent

  • Relevant Set

  • Users are copying the product title & receive an information about

  • Scarcity & attention binding

Product Available

  • Phase of product comparison

  • Available top products in the category are highlighted

  • Social Proof & Scarcity boost the purchase decision

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Product Available Message brytes empathy engine.png

People dynamically change their motivations and intentions. This applies to online shopping as well. The personalization of the future responds not only to one person, but to the many different situational decisions of a user, in order to optimally design the individual path to a successful check out.

Decision Journey
The 7 phases of the customer journey
Psychografic- and decision profiles

Demand awakening


Customer Journey Phasen.png

Providing information

Relevant Set


Purchase decision

Post Purchase







Data or it didn't happen!

Without data, we are just people with our own opinion, so our reporting area provides information about the performance of the nudges. The relevant KPIs for each nudge are displayed on a dashboard giving you information about the user interactions and the uplifts of your central KPI.

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