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brytes combines the analysis of data and psychological understanding. That's why our name is made up of equal parts of these disciplines. 

Bytes, as a small unit of data, symbolizes our technical depth of detail. Furthermore, we constantly move from the dark to the light and shed new light on customer understanding.

Beyond all of this, our vision is to create more understanding around human behavior in the digital world and beyond.

Our Mission.

We transfer the last advantage of the stationary retail to
Online-Personalisierung im E-Commerce

Every customer journey is unique.
The skilled sales assistant in the stationary retail recognizes the customer's needs and purchase intentions at an early stage and adapts his/her consulting strategy accordingly.

Due to the lack of personal interaction, online shopping initially appears anonymous and unpersonal. brytes identifies the digital needs of users and responds empathetically.

Many automatically generated datasets remain unused and thus lose their value.
brytes does not hesitate to dive deep into the data lake to visualize the digital body language.

We rely on a combination of expertise in behavioral economics, affinity for technology and data science.

Our culture.

Each Jeck is different - and that's a good thing.

Working in an interdisciplinary way unites a wide variety of characters and personalities. Together we create a team that realizes its full potential through different ways of thinking and skills. Mutual appreciation and understanding is the bond that connects everyone.

Every team member contributes in his or her own way to the ongoing development of brytes and helps to get closer and closer to our common goal, step by step.

Digitale Empathie im E-commerce
Rombergpark, Dortmund

We are brytes.

Body language im E-Commerce
Mediapark, Köln

Our team.

Focusing on content in the areas of Data Science, Behavioral Economics, and Technology, the team complements each other perfectly in the respective disciplines of our mission. 
With entrepreneurial experience in e-Commerce, the team has a solid foundation of proven entrepreneurship.

Psychological conceptualization.

Eleni brytes für Optimierung Verhaltensweise im E-commerce
LinkedIn Eleni für Echtzeit-Analyse digitaler Körpersprache
Katja brytes für digitale Körpersprache im E-commerce
LinkedIn Katja für KPI Optimierung im E-commerce

Empathizing with you and your customers.

Data Science.

Vasil brytes für Analyse der digitalen Körpersprache im E-Commerce

Dives deep into the Data Lake.

LinkedIn Vasil für digital empathy engine im E-Commerce

Executive management.

Joubin brytes für empathische Verhaltensweisen im E-commerce

Adds his mustard from time to time.

LinkedIn Joubin für digitale Empahie mithilfe Echtzeit-Analyse

Technical implementation.

LinkedIn Hendrik für empathische Online Personalisierung
Hendrik brytes für Conversion Uplift im E-commerce
Benny brytes für digitale Empathie im E-Commerce

Coding their way through thick and thin.

LinkedIn Benny für intelligente Kaufanreize im E-Commerce
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