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Empathische Verhaltensweisen im E-Commerce
What is Digital Nudging?

Highly potent tracking captures more than 200 measurement points and micro-behaviors of all users.

Thus, we make the digital body language of every single user analyzable. And all of this is fully DSGVO-compliant.

Our algorithm continuously identifies psychographic characteristics of your users in real time.

This allows us to recognize the decisions your users are facing and provide them with the appropriate psychological support.

With targeted impulses, we help your users to a better user experience and satisfying purchases.


Our adaptable JavaScript tool can be easily integrated into the code of your e-commerce shop or website.





Human decision-making in


Influenced by external incentives.


Influenced by irrationality.

digital body language im E-commerce

Driven by information overload.


The emotional and irrational nature of humans is reflected in the way we make decisions, which is subject to systematic cognitive biases. Judgment and decisions are not entirely data-based, but influenced by a variety of factors. Especially in e-commerce, countless pieces of information are acting and your user is always influenced by external impulses from the website - intentionally or unintentionally. A situation that not only hinders decision-making for the individual user, but can also be very obscure for you as a store operator.

Digital Nudging is THE solution?!


Digital Nudging.



Based on the insights of behavioral economics, digital nudging is a technique you can use to positively support your users along their decision-making journey.

Your assistance in form of digital nudging is transparent, simple and never restricts your users in their decision. The goal is to simplify the decision-making process and increase the satisfaction of the product selection.


With the help of the analyzed insights, you will not only achieve one ideal user experience and therefore happy customers, but at the same time improve your relevant KPI and become a Conversion Hero.

How does this work?

How to digital Nudge? 

That's where your brytes digital empathy engine steps in. It supports you in developing an understanding for your users. How do they make their decisions? Which products do they switch back and forth between? Therefore the brytes engine draws on information about your store and the real-time behavior of your users.


Using small changes to the website, called nudges, brytes targets specific cognitive biases to help users with their decisions while improving relevant KPIs. With the help of these nudges, brytes can increase the likelihood of a desired behavior. To ensure the success of the messages, we refer to our long-term experience, to the latest scientific findings in the field of behavioral economics as well as advertising psychology and, last but not least, to the customer-specific metrics.


People change their motivations and intentions dynamically. Even when it comes to online shopping. The personalization of the future responds not only to one person, but to many different situational decisions of a user, in order to optimally design the individual path to a successful check out.

Decision Journey
The 7 phases of the customer journey
Psychographic- and decision profiles

Demand awakening


Customer Journey Phasen.png

Providing information

Relevant Set


Purchase decision

Post Purchase







Too many choices can overwhelm people. Without decision-making support, it is difficult to choose a suitable product. The fear of making a mistake lowers the motivation to act: Before making the wrong decision, a decision is avoided. If a decision is made, it is often accompanied by dissatisfaction or regret.

Amy needs a new helmet. However, the online store of a suitable supplier has so many different bicycle helmets with different features that Amy cancels her purchase. She resolves to search again at another time.

Choice Overload

Cognitive biases

Bandwagon Effect

Once Amy notices how many positive reviews the product has, she is convinced that she can do few mistakes with her purchase.

If a large number of people from a group adopt a behavior or a belief, individuals are highly likely to follow them. In terms of purchase behavior, it means that the increase in demand for a product is increased by the demand and positive reviews of previous purchasers.


Digital Nudging, but why? 

Digital nudging not only improves the experience of your users, but also continuously increases your relevant KPIs. The individual nudges address different objectives and, in their combination, increase your attractiveness as a store! A better customer experience increases the conversion rate and the customer is more satisfied with his purchase decision. This increases the revenue. We will support you with our years of experience and turn you into a conversion hero, convince yourself!

+ 3,6 %

Conversion Rate Uplift

+ 1,5 %

Average Order Value Uplift

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