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digital empathy engine im E-Commerce
digitale Körpersprache im E-Commerce

You want to make the digital world more user-friendly?

We do, too!

You experience the complexity and irrationality of human behavior every day. Why do people decide differently and which factors influence you?

brytes focuses on the human being in every respect:

We identify different customer journeys and develop measures that optimally support consumers in their online shopping experience.

We are looking for you to support us in this endeavor.

Online-Personalisierung in Echtzeit

The way we work.
And what's behind that.

Being a part of brytes involves...

Forward thinking.

Learning new things, exchanging ideas and constantly developing yourself and brytes - that's exactly what we do and that's what we encourage you to do. We are open-minded, norms are there to be thrown overboard sometimes.
And nevertheless we are looking at the facts. We know that science and facts are sexy. Numbers are not only informative, but also good arguments.

Flat hierarchies are appreciated.

You will take on challenging and varied tasks from the very beginning. And it is clear that we will give you responsibilities and trust.
We are one team. And this is also noticeable.

Enjoying flexibility.

Dusty routines and 9-to-5 is not our style.
For us, every day looks different, but that's exactly what makes our work so exciting. 
And no matter if you're an early bird or a morning grouch - what counts for us is not when you sit at your place, but how productive we are together by the end of the day.

Having fun.

We are convinced that we can achieve much more in a positive atmosphere. That's why you'll experience a relaxed atmosphere with us, but without losing focus on the essentials.
Our beautiful offices in Dortmund and Cologne offer enough opportunities for spontaneous and entertaining team activities.

Empathische Verhaltensweisen im E-commerce
KPI Optimierug im E-Commerce
Intelligente Kaufanreize im E-commerce
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Coneversion Uplift im E-commerce
Dynamische Personalisierung im E-Commerce
Optimierung Verhaltensweisen im E-Commerce

We are looking for...

brytes is powered by synaigy!

Therefore you will be redirected to the synaigy website, on which you can apply.

Nothing that suits you?
We attach high importance to personal initiative, which
is why we are looking forward to your application.
Simply explain us how you will fit into our team and in which way you will help bringing brytes ahead.
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