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Reduce your returns with the
Digital Empathy Engine.

Returns per year


are shipped worldwide. The largest sector is fashion & accessories, with a return rate of almost 40%. Shoes and textiles are returned most frequently. The reasons are usually insufficient information about the products, duplicate purchases or poor delivery conditions.


Cost of a return
in ⌀

Depending on the industry, the costs per return can vary. In the fashion sector in particularly, about 50% of the costs are incurred for process handling, in addition to the loss in value of the product. Return shipping, inspection, processing, reimbursement of costs etc. drive up the fees.

CO2 emissions per package

315 million packages a year can circle the earth 3.15 times if strung together. 238,000 tons of CO2 pollute the environment every year. Green nudging' is more than just a buzzword and should be used by every company that is committed to sustainability.

We reduce your
bad returns.

Double ordering = at least one return.

If a user orders the same product in two different sizes, they must return at least one of them.


brytes assists them in finding the perfect size at the right moment with a hint to the size advice tools. This helps the customer to save the costly return shipping for double purchases and store providers to save the costs of reprocessing the items.

Retourenreduktion E-Commerce brytes_edited.jpg

How we support your users.

User Experience and Satisfaction

The brytes Digital Empathy Engine makes it easier for your customers to decide and be more satisfied with their choice.

Conversion Rate improvement

By our measures we support the customers to find a suitable product. Thereby we increase the conversion rate of hesitant customers.


We reduce return rates by 5% and avoid sending packages back and forth unnecessarily. This saves you effort, frustration and revenue.


Genuine end-to-end personalization

Time saving through technology

Our algorithm takes the effort out of defining scenarios and rules by automatically identifying all  relevant moments.

Automation & Transparency
Our empathetic impulses are automatically generated and you remain in control with our comprehensive message set.


Empathic personalization system

Benefits through psychology
The psychography of the user is the basis of our technology is universally valid and eliminates the need for time-consuming formulation of hypotheses.

Empathic customer perspective Based on the digital body language, our engine recognizes the psychological behavior patterns of each user.

This is what we provide to you as a marketer.

Simple integration -
without technical effort!



Embedding the prepared brytes JavaScript snippets into the source code of your website

Live and real-time analysis using the Digital Empathy Engine

Digitale Empathie im E-Commerce


Complete overview using the brytes Enlight Dashboard and complete control over personalization actions using the Control Panel

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